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Club Construction / Improvments

Holbrook Sportsmen's Club is proud to have continually updated and improved the club and facilities.  Some recent items that you as members may or may not know about:

1.  Recently acquired 46 additional acres of surrounding property.  This land purchase allows the club to improve by adding to the buffer zone around our property.  This purchase also allows us to proceed with improving the Skeet field operations at the club.
2.  Skeet field redesign and improvement.  Soon the Skeet Field will be undergoing some updates and improvements to allow this popular sport return to use at our club. ( Update, Skeet Field is open )
3.  Sewer and Water.  Many of you have seen the trenches dug and filled and work being done on the outside. The club has added new construction that will be updated to the existing Trap House, of new bathroom facilities.  We have also run new pipes to our existing club house.  
4.  Kitchen expansion.  This past year the Kitchen was enlarged to help feed our members and offer a Cafe to our weekend events.
5.  Indoor Ranges improvements.  Redesign of the Indoor Range air handling and heating system are currently underway.  This update will create a more efficient air handling system.  There will be some construction updates that will redesign the entrance to the range also.
6.  Big Bore Range and Plinking Range.  Plans are underway to change the Plinking Range design and Big Bore design and backstops.  A new No Horizon line is being constructed and tested.
7.  Target holders stands.  New Metal Target Stand holders have been fabricated and will be installed as the range improvements move along.
8.  Website redesign.  This past year the club redesigned the website and started using an online membership process.  The process of taking payments online via credit cards is being phased in.  New event registrations are being phased in to some events.  Currently Orientation and Firearms Education.
9.  Trap Field lights. New light poles and lights have been installed on most of the fields to allow Night Time trap to happen.
10. Class improvements.  Added a Smart TV to the Clubhouse for use in the Orientation and Firearms Education classes.
11. New Bathroom built at the Trap Warmup House / Pavilion.
12. Heat installed in Bathrooms. Trap House and Pavilion.
13.  Security Cameras installed and upgraded in the Club House, Indoor Ranges, And Outdoor Ranges.
14.  New wood Stoves installed in Club House and Trap Warmup House.

As you can see Holbrook Sportsmen's Club has made a commitment to the membership to be the destination shooting sports club.

Fall 2014 Projects 

Thank you list

Vinie Rappa

John Ballanino           

Mike Clifford

Dick Nihtila

Joe Giovaniello

Tom Gaul

Kevin Kazlauskas

Joe Sandi

Rick Bertal

Chris Phinney

Bob Marchione

Paul lagault

Bob Boyce

Rob Boyce

George George

Doug Toomey

Rachel Sulllivan

AJ McMan

Scott Herman


John Bouffard

Paul Rakoski

Mike Grasso

Steve Sarofeen

Remo Caltrel

Walter Boroski

Carl Borq

Joe Rivers

Chuck Foley

Joe Gilmartin
John Sullivan
Pat Fealey
Pat BalfeEd O’Keefe

Chris Hawkesworth

Louis Pratti

Walter Bettuch

Nick Parker


Joe Giovanollo

Richie Ling

Chuck Fuley


Joe Sanda

Any the many others who contributed.  Thank You

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