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A nice video from the NRA National Championship 2010 showing Bullseye Pistol being shot outdoors.
The Pistol Team meets every Tuesday for practice and every Thursday.  The course of fire each night is the NRA National Gallery Course.  

10 shots of Slow Fire in ten minutes.
5 shots in twenty seconds Timed Fire. Shot twice
5 shots in ten seconds Rapid Fire.  Shot twice.

Cost: $2 each night.

Any .22 cal pistol is allowed.  If you want to check it out and try it the team meets around 7:00pm and shoots at 8:00pm
On Thursday nights the team travels to other clubs in the league to compete.  Only the top five scores count for the team score.  So you do not have to be worried you will hurt the team.  The idea is be part of the team to improve all of us. 

The team offers help in getting you started if you want to start shooting pistol competitively. 

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 Upcoming Events:

South Shore Rifle and Pistol League Annual Banquet June 1st

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