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Effective Immediately - All Monday Night Meetings will start at 7:30 pm

Firearms Education

Firearms Safety Course with Live Fire Shooting!

This beginner class will satisfy the requirement to apply for either your license to carry, or your Firearms Identification Card (FID). The course will consist of 4-5 hours of classroom training which will include the following:

Gun owner responsibilities, safe firearm handling rules, firearms etiquette, introduction to handling firearms, ammunition and components familiarization, Massachusetts Laws pertaining to firearms, how to fill out your application and what to expect in your interview process.

Following the classroom portion, students will be given a brief lunch break before the live fire portion. The live fire portion will consist of fundamental basics of marksmanship. Each student will shoot 50 rounds. At the completion of the shooting, students will be awarded a certificate of completion.

The club instructor is a full time police officer and certified firearms instructor. Cost for the course is $150 and is payable to the Holbrook Sportsmen’s Club.

Question can be directed to Joe Morgan

Registration for the class dates is done on the Club Calendar.
The Class is 6-7 hours and starts at 9am at OuterLimits Pro Shop in Holbrook.

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