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Firearm Safety - On the Trap Field - Gun Safety and Hunter Safety


Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette

Holbrook Sportsmen's Club Orientation is for the new joining members or people interested in joining H.S.C. Looking to see what we offer as a Sportsmen's Club. 

Orientation Sign Up sheets are located in the Club House.
Start Location: Main Clubhouse
Cost: 0
Course of fire: 10rds
Equipment needed: none
For Dates: See calendar
Start Times: 9:00am  
End Times: 12:00pm
Instructor: Walter Kolaitis and Patrick Sullivan

Your instructors will go over the club range rules and safety. You will view a couple of short safety video's. You will tour the complete facility and visit each individual range to discuss the particular range rules, safety features, and the events held on each range. 

After the tour you will be briefed on and observed to confirm your safe handling of a firearm.  You will shoot a .22cal Revolver and a .22cal Semi-Automatic Pistol. With completion of course you will receive the safety signature card, which you must have in order to become an Associate Member of H.S.C.  

For those who took course to view the club you will also receive the safety signature completed if they would like to join within the year.

The privileges of having safety signature on the conditional yellow card allows that you may come in and use the ranges and facilities by yourself (no guest) with the requirement that another member lets you into the facilities until you receive your associates card and purchase a key card or fobs to have full access.

There will also be a 25 question safety test administered after your first general meeting that is based on this orientation.

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