Holbrook Sportsmen's Club
  • 29 Sep 2018
  • 12:30 PM
  • 100 Yard range

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Holbrook Paper Egg Shoot Sept 29th, 2018


.22LR only - No Centerfire




·       All shooting is done from a seated bench position.  The match consists of 50, 75 and 100-yard course of fire - front rests are limited to bi-pods, sandbags, blocks of wood, rolled up towels, etc.  Rear rests are limited to sandbags.  The use of bench-rest front tri-pods, gun cradles and other mechanical rests are not allowed. This is so that all shooters, including those new to the event, will be competing on an even playing field. Only the shooters and range officers will be allowed on the firing line. Shooters will be responsible for moving their targets to each of the target holders for each of the yard lines.  

·       The course is shot in three relays - 5 eggs each - for a total of 15 eggs.  Shooters get 5 minutes for sighting shots on the first relay and 3 minutes for sighting on remaining relays. 

·       The relay will commence with a signal and each shooter will attempt to hit their 5 eggs with no more than 10 shots.  The relay will be done within a 3-minute time limit.

·       If a shooter mistakenly fires at the wrong eggs, those shots will be counted as part of their ten-shot round.  A shooter who has their eggs wrongfully shot at and hit will only be able to claim a maximum score of 5 shots for 5 eggs, nothing lower - i.e. 3 shots for 5 eggs. 

·       Scoring will be by shot count, 15 eggs with 15 shots would be the best score, ties will be resolved by the number of shots closest to the dot.

·       Rifles are to remain in the gun racks with a chamber flag until shooters are called to their station.  If a shooter finishes the course of fire before time expires they are to remain at their shooting station with a chamber flag in place until the Range officer has called the time.  Rifles are then to be returned to gun racks.

Match will start at 12:30, Cost is $10.00 per shooter, Pay at the Range.

Prize Money:  50% will go to the club the remaining 50% will be split among the top 3 places. Example if the 50% split is $100.00 dollars 1st place would receive $50.00, 2nd place $30.00 dollars and 3rd place $20.00 dollars.

Targets will be printed on 8-1/2” X 11” paper 5 eggs on each sheet with a sight target. Why paper – for 48 shooters we would need a minimum of 720 eggs.

Juniors are $5.00 they are not eligible for the prize money, their match will be 25, 50 and 75 yards.


        The field limit for this event is 48 shooters, All HSC range rules apply, Match director Mike Long

Target link. Paper Egg shoot.pdf

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